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We're changing the way people think about ad insertion and content distribution. Grow your business with Vigor's progressive technology and platform services. No more costly infrastructure or rigid workflows. Enjoy seamless collaboration, automation and superior customer support. Welcome to the new media landscape.

Independent cable operator

Independent Cable

Local TV Advertising within Reach. Bringing Incremental Revenue is now Simple, Quick and Affordable.

Cable enterprise ad sales

Cable Enterprise
Ad Sales

Centralize Your Ad Selling Infrastructure. Get Ad-Insertion-as-a-Service to compete on a Broadcast Level.



Leverage unsold inventory for expanded customer reach. Utilize your additional channels to gain incremental revenue.


Content Provider

Protect your mission critical operations. Learn how PitchBlue is the key to the most reliable content management.

Paving the way with the leaders of the television industry for over a decade

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Protect Your Mission Critical Operations

Reliable content management is the key to your success. That's why content providers of all sizes will benefit from PitchBlue's comprehensive content distribution solution.

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